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This original watercolor from 1871 portrays a captivating upstream view of the Hudson River from West Point, New York. The artwork is a picturesque tableau, revealing a historic and natural landscape in tranquil harmony. It details several sailboats maneuvering the Hudson's waters, with notable landmarks such as Magazine Point on Constitution Island in close proximity, and Pollepel Island discernible in the distance.

The watercolor delineates a serene image of the Hudson River as observed from the vantage of West Point, a locale revered for its strategic military significance and breathtaking natural beauty. The depiction of sailboats, integral components of the river's bustling transport and commerce activity during the period, enriches the scene's historic authenticity.

Further geographical context is provided through the inclusion of Magazine Point on Constitution Island and the more distant Pollepel Island. These landmarks, prominent within the view from West Point, contribute to the historical resonance and natural charm of the artwork, thereby accentuating its representation of the Hudson River's diverse attributes.

Interestingly, the chosen perspective for the watercolor appears to be in proximity to the modern-day location of the Battle Monument at West Point. This connection provides an additional historical dimension, tying the vista with a notable commemorative landmark associated with West Point's military heritage.

Despite the absence of an artist's signature, the watercolor is an accomplished representation of landscape artistry from its era. The sole identifying mark is the manuscript label, "Hudson River from West Point Sept. 12 1871." Nevertheless, the painting's inherent aesthetic appeal, historical resonance, and geographical precision articulate its considerable value. In essence, it is a visual narrative of a particular moment along the Hudson River, a historical window into the tranquility and beauty of the past.