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The Wine Map of California, designed and illustrated by Barbara Phillips-Barrett and published by H. Shenson International in San Francisco in 1988, comprises an aesthetically pleasing poster featuring eight detailed maps of key wine-producing regions in California. Set against an evocative backdrop of bunches of grapes, these maps provide a comprehensive overview of Lake & Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa Valley, Sierra Foothills, South Coast, Central Coast, Central Valley, and other key California areas, collectively listing hundreds of vineyards.

The late 20th century witnessed significant growth in California's wine industry, with the state becoming a globally recognized powerhouse in wine production and viticulture. This map, appearing in this vital period, serves as an elegant representation of the vastness and diversity of California's wine country. By depicting specific regions and hundreds of vineyards, the map not only offers a geographical orientation but also a cultural insight into an industry that has come to define California's identity.

Each of the eight maps contained within the poster reveals intricate details of the respective regions, enabling the discerning observer to appreciate the specific terroirs that contribute to the unique characteristics of California's wines. From the renowned elegance of Napa Valley to the emerging significance of the Sierra Foothills, the map captures the complexity and richness of the state's viticultural landscape.

Furthermore, the artistic choice of placing the maps against bunches of grapes adds an aesthetic dimension that resonates with the subject matter. It creates a visual connection between the geography and the product, reminding the viewer of the natural beauty and bounty of California's wine regions.

In the broader context of American wine history, this map contributes to an understanding of the geographical expansion, economic importance, and cultural significance of wine production in California. By cataloging so many vineyards across diverse regions, it serves as both a historical record and a celebration of a state whose name has become synonymous with quality wine. The piece stands as a testament to California's vital role in the global wine industry, capturing a moment in time when the state's vineyards were flourishing and gaining international acclaim.

Condition Description
Very minor soiling.