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The USAF Target Complex Mosaic Series 25 Restricted for Phoenix, Arizona, is an intriguing piece of historical cartography. Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Staff, USAF (United States Air Force), and published by the Aeronautical Chart Service in Washington, D.C., this map represents an important snapshot of Phoenix's urban and agricultural development during the mid-20th century.

This two-sheet aerial photograph, compiled in June 1949 and printed in March 1950, provides a detailed mosaic view of Phoenix, showcasing a large portion of the city that was primarily farmland at that time. In fact, prior to its urban expansion and growth into the large metropolitan area we know today, Phoenix was heavily agricultural, relying on the irrigation canals drawn from the Salt River.

The fact that this is a "restricted" chart from the USAF implies that it was used for official military purposes, which might include navigation, strategic planning, and potentially target identification - although this doesn't necessarily mean Phoenix itself was a target, rather it could just be part of a wider collection of city charts. It could also have meant that the USAF used the chart to identify potential enemy (i.e., Soviet) targets areas of interest in Phoenix.

This kind of historical map offers valuable insights into urban development, agricultural land use, and military history, making it a valuable resource for historians, urban planners, and cartography enthusiasts.

Condition Description
Two sheets, unjoined.