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The Bird's Eye View of New-York & Brooklyn, is a masterful tinted and hand-colored lithograph by John Bachmann, presenting a detailed depiction of New York and Brooklyn in 1851. Published by Schedler and Liebler, this rendition emphasizes the vitality of the two cities and their surroundings, capturing a time of considerable urban expansion juxtaposed against pockets of remaining farmland.

As an early bird's eye view of these cities, Bachmann's lithograph offers an aerial perspective rarely found in 19th-century maps, allowing for a comprehensive view of urban life. This portrayal of New York City and Brooklyn brings to life the bustling waterfronts, with detailed scenes stretching from Brooklyn Heights to Lower Manhattan.

In the vibrant illustration, prominent locations such as Castle Garden, Battery Park, City Hall Park, Broadway, and Manhattan's burgeoning metropolitan scene are easily discernible. The presence of these landmarks indicates the thriving urban life already established in mid-19th-century New York City.

This edition of the view includes a legend that lists 12 key points of interest, including Blackwells Island, City Hall, the Battery, Castle Garden, the Custom House, Merchant's Exchange, Williamsburg, the Navy Yard, Governor's Island, Fort Columbus, and Castle Williams. This provides valuable insight into the most notable establishments and locations of the era.

John Bachmann's Bird's Eye View of New-York & Brooklyn is not only a significant piece of cartographic history but also a captivating artistic snapshot of New York and Brooklyn in the mid-19th century. It holds particular interest for those studying urban development, geographical history, and the evolution of American cities.