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The Star Wars Program.

Fantastic anti-Nato propaganda mini-poster warning about the dangers of President Reagan's famous Star Wars space defense program.

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), colloquially known as the "Star Wars" program, was a U.S. military project initiated under President Ronald Reagan in 1983. The program aimed to develop a sophisticated anti-ballistic missile system to protect the United States from potential nuclear attacks. The initiative proposed the use of ground-based and space-based systems, including lasers, particle beams, and interceptors, to detect and destroy incoming missiles before they could reach their targets. Although the program was highly controversial, both politically and scientifically, it marked a significant shift in defense policy and spurred advancements in technology. Critics argued that SDI would escalate the arms race and questioned its feasibility, while proponents saw it as a necessary step for national security. Despite the billions of dollars invested, the program was never fully implemented, but it did influence subsequent defense strategies and technologies.

The poster shows the various defense systems that could be activated as part of the program, whether from space or from land. A lower image shows a slightly more questionable rendition of the program, displaying combat vessels engaged in ship-to-ship space combat.

At the top of the map, it states:

Imperialism, which was the first to use nuclear weapons, is now preparing to take a new, perhaps irreparable step - to transfer the arms race into outer space, to target the entire planet.

The text at the bottom of the map reads:

A special place in the military-strategic plans of the United States is occupied by the "star wars" program, which is called the "strategic defense initiative" (SDI) in official Pentagon documents. It was conceived by Washington as one of the important means of waging a nuclear war, carrying out aggression against the USSR and other countries of the socialist community.

The poster is labeled "15", suggesting that it was originally published with a larger set of items.