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Dropshot: The American Plan Plan For World War III Against Russia in 1957

A dramatic Cold War-era Soviet propaganda mini-poster showing Operation Dropshot, the recently declassified American early Cold War plan to invade the Soviet Union.

In two inset maps, the poster shows the land, air, and naval invasion routes that had been proposed by the Department of Defense as part of this massive project. This operation, first planned in 1949 for execution in 1957, was superseded in 1951 by Operation Reaper, which foresaw war in 1954. The declassified reports were published in 1977.

The upper right text block quotes an official statement from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) as stating:

Perhaps never in the post-war decades has the situation in the world been so explosive, and therefore complex and unfavorable, as in the first half of the 1980s. The right-wing group that came to power in the United States and their main fellow travelers in NATO turned sharply from détente to military power politics.

The text block at the bottom reads:

The NATO doctrine completely rejects good neighborliness and cooperation as a principle of peaceful development. NATO's goal is a war of extermination.

The poster is labeled "5", suggesting that it is from a larger set of items.