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The work, The Shade At The Tomb, Mount Vernon, is a striking tinted lithograph that depicts the tomb of George Washington in a nocturnal setting, subtly illuminated by moonlight. Published by W. Schaus and produced by Sarony, Major & Knapp, this piece offers a serene and evocative image of an iconic American historical site.

The choice of the tomb of George Washington at Mount Vernon as the subject reflects the enduring reverence for the first President of the United States and the significance of Mount Vernon as a symbol of early American history. The work not only showcases the tomb itself, but also the tranquil and solemn ambiance of the setting. The nighttime depiction, enhanced by the soft glow of the moon, adds an atmospheric depth that stirs contemplation and reverence.

Sarony Major & Knapp, the lithographic firm responsible for this piece, was a significant entity in the 19th-century American printmaking scene. It was known for producing a wide variety of prints, from portraits and historical scenes to landscapes and genre prints, contributing significantly to the visual culture of the period.

Condition Description
Tinted lithograph. Good margins. Foxing.