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An impressive Ottens edition of this sea chart displaying the Iberian coast between Bilbao and Malaga, with east positioned at the top. The chart provides a captivating and detailed view of the coastline, highlighting prominent cities such as Porto and Lisbon, as well as featuring the Gibraltar and the Strait of Gibraltar.

A notable aspect of this map is the elaborate cartouche within the Iberian Peninsula, which showcases a variety of figures. Some of these figures appear to depict Spaniards subjugating foreign peoples, providing a glimpse into the historical context of the region during the time of the chart's creation.

The sea chart captures the intricacies of the coastal geography, offering valuable information about the ports, cities, and key landmarks along the Iberian coast. Its artistic elements, such as the elaborate cartouche, further contribute to the map's visual appeal and historical significance.

As a captivating representation of the Iberian coast, this sea chart serves as an important historical document, showcasing both the geographical features of the region and the cultural context of the time. Its richness in detail and artistic presentation make it a valuable resource for those interested in the history and geography of Spain and Portugal.

Reiner & Joshua Ottens Biography

The Ottens brothers, Reiner and Joshua, operated a successful printing partnership in the mid-eighteenth century (fl. 1726-1765). They began the venture in 1726, publishing maps and other prints as “R & I Ottens.” They specialized in the reprinting of others’ work, especially Guillaume De L’Isle. In 1750, Reiner died; his soon, also Reiner, took his place, but the firm began listing their works as “Joshua & Reiner Ottens.” The firm lasted until Joshua’s death in 1765. Joshua’s widow, Johanna de Lindt, sold their remaining stock of plates in 1784.