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A striking American World War II propaganda poster, "Right in Der Fuehrer's Face! Invest Now... Buy More Bonds" issued by the United States Treasury Department, encouraging citizens to financially support the war effort by purchasing bonds, featuring a powerful image of Uncle Sam's fist striking Hitler and knocking swastikas into his eyes.

During the Second World War, the United States government relied heavily on the sale of war bonds to finance the massive military expenditures required to defeat the Axis powers. Propaganda posters, like this one, played a crucial role in promoting patriotism and rallying citizens to invest in the war effort. The visceral image of Uncle Sam's fist, representing the "2nd War Loan," delivers a punch directly to Hitler's face, symbolizing America's determination to defeat Nazi Germany.

The poster's design and title are likely inspired by the 1943 Walt Disney animated short film, which features Donald Duck experiencing a nightmare of working in a factory in Nazi Germany. The connection to a popular culture reference would have resonated with the American public, further encouraging them to contribute to the war effort through bond purchases. The additional tagline, "They Give Their Lives You Lend Your Money!" emphasizes the sacrifices made by soldiers and the moral responsibility of citizens to support them.

Available in various color schemes, this red and blue version of the poster is a powerful and memorable example of wartime propaganda, capturing the spirit of American resolve and determination during one of the most challenging periods in the nation's history.