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This poster, by artist Leonebel Jacobs and printed by F.M. Lupton Inc., serves as a vibrant piece of American history from 1918, featuring a woman attired in a dress bearing the stars and stripes, emblematic of the American flag, holding aloft a green jar amidst a tableau of preserved foods. It is part of a series urging American civilians to partake in home canning to bolster the war effort, under the auspices of the National War Garden Commission.

During the final year of the First World War, the United States government, through initiatives like the National War Garden Commission, sought to stabilize food resources by encouraging private citizens to produce and preserve their own food. Such campaigns were pivotal in providing practical support to the war effort and fostering a sense of unity and personal contribution among the American populace.

Jacobs' illustration captures the essence of the home-front spirit, merging the visual language of patriotism with the imperative of self-reliance. The woman's confident gaze, paired with the fruits of her labor in vividly rendered jars, symbolizes the domestic contribution to a cause of national importance. This visual appeal to civic virtue and collective responsibility is indicative of the era's illustrative techniques used to motivate and inspire.

Condition Description
Archivally backed on modern poster linen. Expertly mended hole in 'Commission'. Invisibly mended tear at lower right, just entering image.