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Serving as a riveting testament to the call-to-arms sentiment of the United States during World War II, the 1940 recruitment poster, "Defend Your Country" by Tom Woodburn, embodies a reinvention of Uncle Sam — more assertive, stern, and war-ready. This graphic shift in the personification of a nation marked an era of grim determination and patriotic duty.

The 1940s were a period of extraordinary tension and transformation for America. As the specter of war loomed large, the country underwent a radical shift both internally and externally. The posters from this era, such as Woodburn's, capture this pivotal moment in the American consciousness. Instead of the paternal, non-threatening Uncle Sam typically depicted, Woodburn presents an image of raw resolve and aggressive defense. This Uncle Sam, sleeves rolled up and eyes focused, stands ready for the looming conflict.

The symbolic elements Woodburn integrates in the poster deepen its narrative. Behind the resolute Uncle Sam, a bald eagle screeches, its direction matching that of Uncle Sam, amplifying the atmosphere of patriotic fervor. The backdrop further augments this sentiment, featuring the American flag and rising sun, traditional symbols of hope and renewal. The flag's stripes morph into bolt-like figures, implying the nation's dynamic charge towards defense.

Completing the composition is a clear, compelling call-to-action at the bottom, set in contrasting blue and white, "Enlist Now in the United States Army." The integration of these elements creates a visually potent piece that encapsulates the urgency, the responsibility, and the collective will for national defense during a critical period in American history.

Condition Description
Not linen-backed. Hole in the image just to the right of Uncle Sam's face. Minor dampstain at the left edge. Good be favorably restored.