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This 18th-century manuscript military schematic plan titled "Plan eines Regulairen Laagers" details the layout and organization of a military encampment, referencing different battalion configurations, company arrangements, and artillery placements. The comprehensive instructions take into account various factors such as terrain and strength of the military unit, ensuring that the layout can be adapted according to specific circumstances.

A key feature of the plan is its consideration of space for different ranks and roles within the military structure, with separate lines designated for lieutenants, captains, and logistical support. This is indicative of the careful thought given to the operational functionality of the camp.

The text also discusses the need for straight lines, or "Leinien," which should be established before the camp is set up. This highlights the importance of order and precision in arranging the camp layout.

Furthermore, the instructions make provision for "fahnen-wacht" or flag guards, stating that two tents should be set up 40 steps away from the first line of tents, presumably for their accommodation. This point highlights the importance placed on the protection and display of military colors, which were a significant aspect of 18th-century warfare.

This schematic plan, with its meticulous instructions, offers a remarkable insight into military strategy and camp life during the 18th century. It reveals the methodical approach to camp organization and the emphasis on flexibility, order, and the clear delineation of roles within the camp structure.

Condition Description
Linen-backed. Some toning and offsetting from a previously-facing sheet. Some oxidation of inks, though not causing serious degradation of the paper. Margins compiled from strips of contemporary paper, almost certainly at the time of production or shortly thereafter.