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This 1740 map "Het Beloofde Landt Canaan doorwandelt van onsen Saligmaker Jesus Christus neffens zyne Apostelen," published in Amsterdam by R & J Westein, presents a meticulously detailed depiction of the Holy Land, focusing on the travels of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. This map offers a comprehensive visual narrative of these biblical journeys, including the maritime travels of Apostle Paul.

This map represents a significant contribution to biblical cartography, a genre that sought to visualize the geographical settings of biblical narratives. The map delineates the various routes taken by Jesus and his Apostles throughout the Holy Land, translating the textual accounts of the New Testament into a spatial representation. The inclusion of Paul's sea travels and the depiction of numerous sailing vessels add a vivid maritime dimension to these biblical journeys.

The map is an excellent example of Dutch Bible maps of the Holy Land, which were renowned for their detail and accuracy. The Dutch Golden Age saw significant advancements in cartography, and these advancements extended to biblical maps. These maps were not only religious tools but also scholarly resources, reflecting the meticulous collection and representation of geographical information.

The creators, R & J Westein, were part of this tradition of rigorous Dutch cartography. Their work on "Het Beloofde Landt Canaan doorwandelt van onsen Saligmaker Jesus Christus neffens zyne Apostelen" exemplifies the precision and detail characteristic of Dutch Bible maps of the period.

In summary, this 1740 map offers a detailed depiction of the Holy Land as traveled by Jesus Christ and his Apostles, reflecting the ongoing Dutch contribution to biblical cartography. Its detailed rendering of these significant biblical journeys makes it a valuable resource for understanding the geographical context of these narratives.

Condition Description
Toned edges and some minor toning around three vertical folds.