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Rare map of Catalunya, showing the coast line from Perpignan to the province of Valencia. 

The map showcases Catalonia, a historic region located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1707, Catalonia was under the rule of the Spanish monarchy, represented by the dedication to the king on the map. The region's boundaries are clearly delineated, capturing its territorial extent during that period. Catalonia's diverse geography, ranging from the Pyrenees Mountains to the Mediterranean coastline, is depicted with meticulous detail.

The map highlights significant geographic features of Catalonia. The Pyrenees Mountains, forming the natural border between Spain and France, are prominently depicted in the north, symbolizing the region's rugged terrain. The Ebro River, one of the longest rivers on the Iberian Peninsula, is intricately illustrated, traversing the landscape from west to east. The coastal areas, including the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, are portrayed, emphasizing Catalonia's connection to the Mediterranean Sea.

Furthermore, the map showcases major cities and towns within Catalonia. Barcelona, the capital and cultural hub of the region, is prominently featured, reflecting its significance as a political, economic, and artistic center. Other notable settlements, such as Girona, Tarragona, and Lleida, are also marked, demonstrating the region's urban and historical importance.

 The map includes an elaborate decorative cartouches, compass roses, and sailing ships. The dedication to the king, King Louis XIV of France at the time, demonstrates the map's purpose as a gesture of loyalty and reverence.

The map is the result of a collaborative effort between Placide de St. Helene and the widow of Pierre Du Val. Placide de St. Helene, known as Augustin Dechausse, served as the Geographe ordinaire de sa Majeste, indicating his esteemed position as the geographer to the King. The involvement of the widow of Pierre Du Val suggests the continuation of Pierre Du Val's cartographic legacy. Together, these individuals brought their expertise and knowledge to create a comprehensive and visually striking representation of Catalonia.

Condition Description
In two sheets.