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This vivid World War I-era poster, designed by Sidney H. Riesenberg in 1918, implores American citizens to invest in U.S. Government Bonds to support the Third Liberty Loan campaign. The bold illustration features a determined soldier scaling a hill or trench, American flag in tow, under the rallying cry "Over the Top for You."

Amidst the First World War, the United States Treasury resorted to Liberty Loans as a means of financing the immense military expenditure. Citizens were encouraged to purchase bonds, thereby loaning money to the government to be repaid with interest. This particular poster hails from the Third Liberty Loan campaign, a pivotal push in 1918, when the outcome of the war hung in the balance, and the U.S. endeavored to muster additional financial resources for the Allies’ eventual victory.

Sidney H. Riesenberg's portrayal captures the fervor and patriotism of the era, as the central figure exemplifies the American soldier's valor and commitment. The juxtaposition of the soldier with the American flag not only underscores the nationalistic sentiment but also symbolizes the collective effort required on the home front. Such posters played a crucial role in galvanizing public support and were instrumental in the success of the Liberty Loan drives.

Condition Description
Archivally backed on modern poster linen.