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A compelling pictorial map focusing on the verdant splendor of 1930s Florida, this A Map of Florida for Garden Lovers, published by the Garden Club of the Halifax Country in 1934 and designed by Don J. Emery. The map offers a deep dive into the state's myriad natural wonders, from expansive gardens to hidden springs.

In the context of the early 20th century, this map reflects a growing consciousness and appreciation for the natural world. It was a time when garden clubs and similar organizations flourished, playing a crucial role in advocating for the conservation of local flora and fauna. The A Map of Florida for Garden Lovers, published by the Garden Club of the Halifax Country, serves as a testament to this commitment to environmental stewardship. Beyond showcasing cultivated gardens, the map spotlights natural reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and hidden groves that make up Florida's rich and diverse ecosystem.

The map itself is a vibrant piece of pictorial cartography, characterized by a modernist design and a striking azure palette. The border features a collection of modernist illustrations of native birds, including the Roseate Spoonbill, Flamingo, Egret, and Tanagers, bringing a sense of life and movement to the piece. Such aesthetic choices celebrate the inherent beauty of Florida's diverse ecosystems.

In addition to its botanical focus, A Map of Florida for Garden Lovers includes a notable geographical feature: the locations of underground rivers and the springs they feed. These unique hydrological sites, where subterranean rivers rush to the surface, add an element of mystique and wonder to the map, serving as a reminder of Florida's diverse and fascinating natural landscapes. In its entirety, this map encapsulates the spirit, mood, and reality of Florida as seen through the eyes of those deeply committed to its preservation and appreciation.

Condition Description
A small amount of foxing and light wear at the edges. Much better than usual. Vibrant colors.