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Lone Star Humor on Fabric!

Previously unrecorded pictorial map of Texas, published in San Antonio by Burrell-Ford, Co.

Entertaining pictorial map of Texas, with a fun variety of Texas humor and wit. The map is filled with clever notes and cute twists on state names, etc.  Some of the better historical notes include bits of humor relating to:

  • King Ranch -- Largest Ranch on Earth
  • Roy Bean -- World's Most Famous Lawyer
  • Austin - Captiol of the Universe
  • World's Wildest Big Horns
  • Dallas - Most Money in the World
  • Most Beautiful Ladies on Earth

Some of the state names are also quite entertaining:

  • I'd Blow
  • Wishing Too
  • Calaphoney
  • Are Gone
  • Best Virgin
  • Ill Noise
  • Arid Zone

The humor doesn't stop at the border, with the Canadian Mountie called a junior branch of the Texas Rangers, Mexico called Texico and the Great Lakes "spare water holes for Texas Cattle).  Even the Compass Rose includes a fifth fleur de lis for Texas.

The map is similar to a map by "Jones":