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Tobias Conrad Lotter's "Asia" is a compact yet detailed map from circa 1762. Lotter was a respected German cartographer and engraver during the 18th century. He collaborated with Tobias Lobeck, another prominent cartographer of the time, for this piece. The map was published in Augsburg, a major center for map publishing during this period.

The map encompasses a vast geographic area, extending from the Middle East to the far reaches of Russia, and even touches the top of Australia. The scope of the map reflects the exploratory spirit of the 18th century, when European cartographers aimed to capture as much of the known world as possible in their works.

Condition Description
Original hand-color.
Tobias Conrad Lotter Biography

Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717-1777) is one of the best-known German mapmakers of the eighteenth century. He engraved many of the maps published by Matthaus Seutter, to whose daughter Lotter was married. He took over Seutter’s business in 1756. Lotter’s son, M. A. Lotter, succeeded his father in the business.