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The detailed birds-eye view of Venice presented in Olfert Dapper's "Naukeurige beschryving van Morea, eertijts Peloponnesus, en de eilanden gelegen onder de kusten van Morea en binnen en buiten de Golf van Venetiën" is a remarkable engraving from the late 17th century. Published in Amsterdam in 1688 by Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom, Someren, and Goethals, this representation offers a distinctive perspective on the famed Italian city.

During the period of this birds-eye view's creation, Venice was at the tail-end of its golden era as a dominant maritime republic. Its strategic position in the Adriatic Sea had allowed the city to amass great wealth and influence, making it a center of commerce and culture. This view, thus, captures the grandeur of Venice, its dense network of canals, and the architectural splendor that made it a marvel of the Renaissance period.