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This illustration showcases a pivotal moment in the American Revolutionary War, when British General Henry Clinton led an offensive against American defenses along the Hudson River. Clinton's forces successfully captured Fort Montgomery on October 4, followed by Fort Constitution near West Point. Despite these victories, Clinton had to withdraw from the forts to support British efforts in Pennsylvania due to simultaneous engagements in Saratoga and southern regions.

Published in Augsburg by Johann Martin Will, this print is part of a series that illustrates General John Burgoyne's Hudson River campaign and General William Howe's Philadelphia campaign, both occurring in the fall of 1777. The prints generated interest in Europe, particularly among Germans, as many German soldiers fought for the British. A collection at the Library of Congress is titled "Zehn Karten und Ansichten den Schlachtfelden des amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskreiges in den Staaten Pennsylvanien und New York" (Ten maps and views of battlefields in the American Revolutionary War in the states of Pennsylvania and New York). Although these prints were likely based on written accounts sent to Germany, they should not be considered as precise visual documentation.