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This vibrant and lively pictorial map, titled "The Vail Valley," offers a detailed and engaging visual representation of the Vail village and surrounding ski slopes in Colorado. Illustrated by Janina Lamb and published in 1988 by White Mountain Graphics, the map captures the essence of the popular ski resort town, highlighting its various businesses, accommodations, and recreational facilities. The artwork showcases the area's ski slopes, chairlifts, and gondolas, as well as major streets and key landmarks within the village.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the map also serves as a historical snapshot of Vail in the late 1980s, capturing the ski resort's development and growth. It provides valuable information for both visitors and locals alike, offering an understanding of the area's topography and layout, as well as the amenities and attractions that contributed to Vail's reputation as a premier winter sports destination. The Vail Valley map represents not only the town's recreational offerings but also its unique character and the sense of adventure and excitement that continues to draw people to the region.

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