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This historic photograph, AS12-46-6728, taken on November 19, 1969, captures the moment astronaut Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot for the Apollo 12 mission, is about to step off the ladder of the Lunar Module, joining astronaut Charles Conrad Jr., the mission commander, for extravehicular activity (EVA) on the moon's surface. While Conrad and Bean embarked on this lunar exploration, astronaut Richard F. Gordon Jr., the command module pilot, remained in lunar orbit with the Command and Service Modules. The image stands as a testament to the teamwork and dedication that defined the Apollo 12 mission and furthered human understanding of Earth's celestial neighbor.

NASA red-letter number: AS12-46-6728

The Apollo 12 Mission

Apollo 12 was the sixth crewed flight in the United States Apollo program and the second to land on the Moon. It was launched on November 14, 1969, from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, four months after Apollo 11. Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad and Apollo Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean performed just over one day and seven hours of lunar surface activity while Command Module Pilot Richard F. Gordon remained in lunar orbit. The landing site for the mission was located in the southeastern portion of the Ocean of Storms.

Condition Description
1969 chromogenic photograph on paper watermarked "A KODAK PAPER". NASA red-letter number "AS12-46-6728" in the top margin.