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A historically significant 1713 vellum Deed of Sale between Mark Mathew and Jonas Eaton, concerning 140 acres of land in Colleton County, Province of Carolina, shedding light on the land administration practices and social relationships in early 18th-century British colonial America.

This document represents a portion of a larger land grant, dated March 29, 1700, which allocated 500 acres in Colleton County to Mark Mathew. The Deed of Sale, measuring 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches, is dated November 4, 1713, and is signed by three witnesses, one of whom was John Whitmarsh. The deed transfers 140 acres of the original land grant from Mathew to Jonas Eaton, with the associated buildings, rights, and obligations.

The document also bears the signature of the Deputy Auditor of South Carolina, James St. John, who signed it on April 6, 1733. St. John served as the surveyor general of the province from March 1731 to 1743. His involvement in the authentication and recording of this land transfer highlights the importance of accurate land administration during the period, as well as the complex bureaucracy that governed colonial land transactions.

As a primary source, this vellum Deed of Sale offers invaluable insights into the intricacies of land transactions and the social fabric of early 18th-century British colonial America. For researchers and collectors alike, it provides a tangible connection to the history of land administration, property rights, and the roles of key individuals in the Province of Carolina.

Condition Description
Manuscript on vellum. Water damage obscuring some of the text. Old folds. Soiling more pronounced on the verso.