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Fascinating and detailed Soviet geological map of Ukraine and Moldova created in 1956 and approved for publication in 1958.

The map is a testament to the scientific and cartographic advancements of the time, providing a comprehensive representation of the geological formations and structures across these territories. It was published under the auspices of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of the USSR (Министерство геологии и охраны недр СССР), showcasing the collaboration between various geological organizations and specialists who contributed to its creation.

The map, titled "Geological Map of the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSRs" (Геологическая карта Украинской и Молдавской ССР), was edited by V.A. Yershov and compiled by a team of geologists, including B.S. Kovalev, A.N. Kozlovskaya, E.M. Matvienko, V.S. Perelshteyn, N.S. Rastochinskaya, and V.G. Cherednichenko. They used materials from the Ukrainian Geological Administration and other organizations to create a comprehensive geological representation of the region. The map's scale is 1:1,500,000, which allows for a broad overview of the geological landscape, while still maintaining a high level of detail.

In the upper right corner above the neatline, the map bears the text "Приложение к V тому 'Геология СССР'", indicating that it is an accompanying piece to the fifth volume of the "Geology of the USSR" series. This demonstrates the map's importance as a reference material in understanding the geology of the Soviet Union. The imprint information in the lower right corner below the neatline reveals the map's production details. The cartographer responsible for the map's layout was Ya. O. Gorodetskaya, while the geologist involved was M.I. Grin'. The technical editor was E.A. Vitushechnikov.

The map was published as part of a mammoth study of Soviet geology, published alongside some 48 books each over pages in addition to separately issued parts (as the present map). The work took some over three decades to complete and covered all Soviet territories and classified material for scientific and industrial aims. A particular aim of each study was to advance knowledge of mineral and economic resources.

The map was approved by the Scientific Editorial Council of the All-Union Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI) on March 6, 1958, as mentioned in the lower left corner below the neatline. This approval signifies the map's accuracy and adherence to the scientific standards of the time, as well as the multi-institution sign-offs needed for any Soviet publication.

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