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Fascinating view of the Danish Fort at Great Frederick's Burgh in the Danish Gold Coast Colony (now Ghana), showing a view of the fort's design and layout, as well as its importance in the political and military climate of the era. 

At first glance, the print offers a striking view of the fort from the perspective of the sea. The fort is positioned atop a hill, with the Danish flag flying high above its battlements. The fort's walls are tall and imposing, with small, rectangular windows punctuating its length. The battlements are crenellated, with arrow slits providing an excellent vantage point for the fort's defenders. The print's title and the plans of the fort in the corner suggest that the fort's strategic location was important for the Danes.

The fort's architecture is also notable. The buildings within the fort are arranged in a rectangular pattern, with a large central square.   The buildings appear to be made of brick, with some decorative detailing on the facades. The walls surrounding the fort are made of stone, with a gatehouse at the entrance.

The two plans in the corner of the print offer further insights into the fort's design. The first plan provides a detailed view of the fort's interior, with buildings arranged around the central square. The second plan shows the fort's defenses, with the walls, bastions, and gates

The fort's strategic location on the coast made it an important site for the Danes, as it allowed them to control the flow of goods and people in the region.