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Provocative Spanish American War certificate of service, designed by well regarded commercial artist Harry Ryle Hopps and lithographed by the San Francisco firm of Britton & Rey.

Columbia in front of a large American flag with a spear and laurel wreath in her hands next to a columned monument with certificate text; state seal of California with motto "Eureka" and goddess Minerva (Athena) and a California grizzly bear at top of monument. 

Includes several vignettes showing various fighting soldiers, ships, marches, and battles frame the central image of the goddess

The certificate was awarded to Private Levis Kingsley.


Condition Description
Harry Ryle Hopps Biography

Harry Ryle Hopps was an American businessman and artist.

Harry was the son of artists George Hopps and Ann Hopps. George Hopps was a stage set designer. Harry Ryle Hopps and his brother Bert owned the United Glass Company of San Francisco from about1880 to about 1918, before Harry moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as an art director on a number of films such as The Thief of Bagdad.

Hopps is best known as the designer of the US Military's World War I recruiting poster Destroy this Mad Brute: Enlist, published in 1917.