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What appears to be part of the February 20th, 1950 edition of the World News of the Week. 22 stories from across the globe are listed, mostly having to deal with the U.S. and Europe. several illustrations, photographs, and maps accompany the more newsworthy stories. 

Graphics include an illustrated look at the federal budget and expenditures, pictures from a deadly fire and flood, and three graphics (two drawings and one picture) that deal with the Chinese Civil War. This last group is most interesting as the situation in China was major headlines throughout the early 1950s. Two illustrations show the military actions of both sides in the South China Sea while another illustrates the island of Formosa (Taiwan) which was the fortified headquarters of Chinese Nationalist general Chiang Kai-shek. These tow illustrations are accompanied by a photo of Madame Chiang, the wife of Chiang Kai-shek, giving a final address to United States representatives who refused military aid to her. 

Stories range from extraordinary weather to scientific discoveries that challenged the classical understanding of mathematics. Altogether, an interesting snapshot into some of the top stories of the world during this week in late February. 

Condition Description
Toning where folded. Appears to be missing top sheet map.