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Scarce two-sided promotional map from the mid-20th century, showcasing St. Petersburg, Florida. It was produced by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, serving both as a navigational aid and a marketing tool to attract visitors and residents to the area.

One side of the map prominently features the title "The Sunshine City" within a decorative banner, complemented by artistic renderings of seagulls in flight, symbolizing the city's coastal charm and sunny disposition. The map itself provides a detailed view of the area between St. Petersburg and the adjacent cities, including Largo, Pinellas Park, and the broader Pinellas County. It highlights major roads, waterfront areas, and other significant landmarks, using simplistic but clear cartographic symbols and lines. Notable features such as the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay, and various smaller bays and inlets are delineated, emphasizing St. Petersburg's geographical context and its connections to surrounding waters. This side of the map is encased in a border that includes the compass rose, adding to its navigational utility.

The opposite side presents a more concentrated urban grid, detailing the downtown area and its immediate surroundings. It is a street-level map, showing individual streets, significant buildings, and public spaces, offering a snapshot of the city's urban layout. Points of interest such as municipal buildings, parks, transportation hubs, and cultural sites are numbered and correspond to a legend, making the map both informative and user-friendly. 

Condition Description
Folding map, printed front and back