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Unofficial, Unapproved Map of the LA84 Olympics

Buzzing pictorial map of Los Angeles, showing all the sights the city has to offer as well as the location for its very many Olympic events. Hundreds of buildings are drawn and shown. The equestrian arena is shown in Santa Ana, Handball at CSU Fullerton, baseball at Dodger Stadium, and more.

As expected, the traffic in LA is awful, with nearly every freeway fully backed up. The map is not necessarily drawn to scale, as Lake Tahoe is peeking out from the San Gabriel Mountains.

Correspondence with someone involved with the mapmaking for the official map of the Games reveals:

Regarding the LA84 Olympics map being rare. The "Official" map maker for that Olympics was Thomas Bros. Maps. The Olympic committee would not have allowed the Andrade map to be sold in any of their kiosks and would have prevented the sale of any "Unofficial" maps bearing the Olympics name. To my knowledge, it was never brought to TBM's attention that the map existed. [The TBM map] was meant to be useful in getting between venues, while Andrades' was just more fun. In any case, the map could be very rare.

In all, a great pictorial map drawn in classic '80s and '90s style.


No maps assigned to Andrade from that year appear in OCLC.