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The Proposed State of Franklin Between Kentucky and Virginia!

Nice example of Gussefeld's map of the 15 United States first published in 1800.

The map is notable for the addition of 2 States to the original 13 (Vermont and Kentucky), a well as the addition of the proposed state of Franklin. 

While maps showing Franklin as a proposed state west of North Carolina (typically split between North Carolina and Tennessee) appear occasionally on the market, this is one of only a few maps to erroneously locate the State of Franklin between Kentucky and Virginia.

In the latter part of the 18th Century, the settlers in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee decided that because of poor representation in State Government, they needed to form a state of their own. A government was formed, and initial organizational meetings conducted, but the breakaway state was quickly quelled by the North Carolina authorities, although not before the State of Franklinia began appearing on a number of English maps during the period. Ben Franklin himself responded that while he was honored by the decision to name a state after him, he was not able to relocate. In this instance, Franklinia is mislocated, placing it in what would become West Virginia.

In addition to the curious location of Franklin, Georgia is shown as a truncated pre-cursor to the appearance of Mississippi Territory, which is not named on the map.