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Advertising Postal Services For Incoming and Outgoing Parcels

Rare map of Amsterdam, dedicated to the mayors of the who were in office in 1765. 

The map provides a meticulous account of Amsterdam, its canals, windmills, streets and infrastructure, with its most famous buildings rendered in three dimensions.  At the top left and right is an explanation regarding the location of the General Post office, with a list of the days of the week for the outgoing and incoming postal services to various part of the Netherlands other nations.  Among the more interesting features on the map are the O. I. Company Oil Mills (we assume the East India Company).

The map was created by Willem Greebe, a Dutch mapmaker and engraver who was commissioned by the Amsterdam city council to create a detailed map of the city for use by the postal service.  Greebe also produced a 4 wall map of Amsterdam in 1724. 

For Outgoing Mail:

  • Mondays: Zeeland, Brabant and France
  • Tuesdays:  Germany and the East Sea in the afternoon, at 1pm.
  • Fridays:  West Friesland, all of the North and Great Britain at half past 9:00am
  • Thursdays: Zeeland, Brabant, France and Spain and Portugal at half past 9:00am
  • Saturdays:  Hamburg, Sweden, Denmark and all of the North, as well as Overijsel, Vriesland, Groningen, and the whole of West Friesland at 6 in the evening.

For Incoming Mail:

  • Sundays and Thursdays:  From Germany and all of the East Sea.
  • Mondays and Fridays:  From Hamburg, Sweden and all of the North and all of East Friesland
  • Tuesdays and Fridays:  From Zeeland, Brabant, France, Spain and Portugal
  • Wednesdays:  From Maaseik with Germany and all of Italy

The map was engraved by Philips Jacobs in 1766, and dedicated to the burgomasters of 1765.   The key at the sides locates 139 points of interests.

The plan is also known to come with a pasted on "explication" to the plan pasted outside the lower border.

Condition Description
Small repaired tear from the lower right edge, just through the engraver's signature.
Harmeleers, Gedetailleerde kaarten van Amsterdam.