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Press Release for Lunar Orbiter 4.

Fascinating booklet detailing the plans for Mission IV of the Lunar orbiter program, which sought to provide the most complete imaging of the moon to date.

The booklet was prepared by April 26th, 1967, and approved on May 3th, 1967, shortly before the launch date of May 4th of that year. This, coupled with the simple but precise language in the book, suggests that the work was intended as a press release for the mission. 

The book covers, in detail, the successes of previous missions and where this mission seeks to close existing holes. While the primary purpose of the mission was the collect additional photographs, the book also explains how the mission looked to improve measurements of the moon's gravitational field and measure radiation flux. The book includes many graphs and images.

Lunar Orbiter 4 did make significant progress in photographing the moon, although issues with fogging of the camera lens led to the photographic mission being terminated after only two weeks. The additional data gathering was not affected by this issue.


The book exists in two editions, one with the insignia LOTD-118-0 in the upper right, and the other with the insignia LOTD-118-1.

Condition Description
Orange thick paper covers. Title page; contents page; 1-16; two final blanks.