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A fascinating and educational map of Asia from 1829, titled Carte de l'Asie avec les nouvelles decouvertes pour servir a l'instruction de la Jeunesse, created by Eustache Herisson to serve as an instructional tool for young learners, featuring an unusual projection and the tracks of Cook's voyages in relation to Asia.

Eustache Herisson's copperplate-engraved map provides an intriguing view of the Asian continent during the early 19th century, with a particular focus on the discoveries made during Cook's voyages. The map showcases multiple scales in the lower left corner, and traces Cook's journeys as they touched various parts of Asia, providing valuable insight into the exploration and cartography of the time.

One notable feature of the map is the depiction of a large lake in Australia, near present-day Canberra. This lake, labeled "Lac selon les Suavages," offers a fascinating glimpse into the early understanding of Australia's geography and the indigenous knowledge that informed it. The map serves as an important historical artifact, capturing the evolving knowledge and perception of the region during this period.

Condition Description
LInen-backed. Trimmed to the neatline on all sides. On left and right sides the engraved text panels have been cut away.