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With An Extensive Set of Ethnographic Images Including Native Americans

Rare decorative world map, published at the beginning of the 19th Century in Paris by Saintin.

The map illustrates the world shortly after the voyages of Captain James Cook, George Vancouver and Matthew Flinders.

The most noteworthy feature of the map is the remarkable set of indigenous costumed figures framing the map.  The focal point of the imagery is non-Western European costumes, primarily from America, Africa and Asia, but including some of the more exotic locales at the edges of Europe.  For example, the entire right side of the map includes images of Native Americans from different parts of North and South America, from the polar regions to Tierra del Fuego.  Among the other more fascinating are figures for:

  • Iles Manillles
  • Chine Cavalier
  • Iceland
  • Nigritie Feloups
  • Desert du Shara Maure (Moor)
  • Cafre
  • Hottentots
  • Terre de Feu (Tierre del Fuego)
  • Iroquois
  • Nouvelle Hollande
  • Kamtschatka
  • Negresse de St. Domingue


This is the second time we have offered this map for sale in the past 25 years.

Condition Description
Minor toning.