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Scarce large format sea chart of the Northeastern coastline of North America, from Egg Harbor to Nova Scotia, published in New York by Blunt and engraved by Charles Copley.

Includes large insets of:

  • Buzzard's Bay
  • Richmond Island Harbor
  • Approaches to Portland Harbor
  • Chart of Halifax Harbour
  • Sea Island

Navigation in the North Atlantic during the mid-19th century was a challenging and often dangerous undertaking. Ships had to navigate through treacherous waters, with strong currents and unpredictable weather conditions. The use of accurate and reliable charts was essential for safe and successful voyages.  Copley's chart offers a detailed and informative treatment of the coastline.

The chart credits the survey of the US Coast Survey, British Admiralty and Edmund Blunt as its sources.  Edmund Blunt was a prominent American mapmaker and publisher who was active during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He was the son of Nathaniel Blunt, who was also a well-known mapmaker, and he inherited his father's business in 1796.

Blunt was known for his detailed and accurate sea charts, which were highly sought after by navigators and sailors. He also published a number of other maps and navigational aids, including atlases, gazetteers, and sailing directions. One of Blunt's most famous works was the American Coast Pilot, a series of sea charts and navigational guides covering the entire coast of the United States. This work was first published in 1796 and went through several editions over the years, with each edition being updated to reflect the latest information and developments. The American Coast Pilot was an essential resource for navigators and sailors, and it was widely used throughout the country.  


The chart is scarce.  We were unable to locate a reference to this chart in OCLC.

We note no other examples offered for sale in dealer catalogs and a single example at auction (Swann 2017).

Condition Description
3 sheet, blue backed sea chart, with signs of heavy usage and soiling.