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One of the First Landsat Photos of Los Angeles.

A striking color satellite photograph from the early Landsat program, capturing the diverse landscapes of Los Angeles, Orange County, and adjacent areas to the north, including the southernmost Central Valley and the Antelope Valley, taken on October 21, 1972, and labeled "ERTS FRAME 1090-18012" in the negative.

This early Landsat image, produced by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Image Processing Lab (IPL) as part of the Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) program, offers a fascinating bird's-eye view of the urban and natural landscapes that characterize Southern California. The photograph provides valuable insights into the region's geography, urban development, and land-use patterns at the time, making it an important historical and cartographic resource.

For researchers, collectors, and enthusiasts interested in the history of satellite imagery, cartography, or the geography and urban development of Southern California, this photograph represents a unique visual document from the early era of Earth observation satellite technology, showcasing the pioneering efforts of the Landsat program in capturing detailed images of our planet.

Condition Description
Photograph mounted on board.