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A set of three World War II-era photographs depicting significant bomb damage at Tachiarai Air Force Base, located in Tachiarai-machi, Mii District, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, providing a stark visual record of the impact of aerial bombardment on military installations during the conflict.

These restricted photographs offer a rare glimpse into the aftermath of air raids on Tachiarai Air Force Base, a key Japanese military installation during World War II. The images capture the extensive destruction caused by Allied bombings around important groupings of installations, illustrating the strategic targeting of critical infrastructure in an effort to cripple enemy capabilities. Likely taken during the end stages of the war, these photographs served to analyze the effects of U.S. suppression of Japanese air force capacity.

As primary sources, these photographs hold immense historical value for researchers, collectors, and enthusiasts interested in World War II, military aviation, or the history of aerial warfare. The visual documentation of Tachiarai Air Force Base's destruction offers insight into the strategic importance of the base and the effectiveness of Allied bombing campaigns during the conflict.