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A product of collaboration between the Instituto Geográfico de Costa Rica and the Inter-American Geodetic Service, this physical-political map titled Mapa Fisico-Politico 1:500.000 Costa Rica Edicion Provisional 1966 offers a comprehensive view of Costa Rica's terrain and political divisions as of 1966. The map is distinguished by its detailed demarcation of populated areas, transportation networks, and international and provincial boundaries.

The map finds its historical context in the 1960s, a time of significant economic growth and urban development in Costa Rica. These transformations are aptly mirrored in this document, which not only accurately represents the country's physical attributes but also its expanding infrastructural development. The map serves as a testament to Costa Rica's progress during this period, offering viewers a window into its rapidly evolving sociopolitical landscape.

The Mapa Fisico-Politico exhibits Costa Rica's topography using a color gradient. The map also outlines Costa Rica's political organization, annotating capitals, provincial seats, and populated areas. The key provides a comprehensive understanding of the various symbols employed, from transportation networks such as national highways and railroads to geographic landmarks like altitudes and reef locations.

The inclusion of insets displaying the Central Zone and Isla del Coco further adds depth to the map's coverage, providing a more detailed view of these critical areas. This is particularly notable given the Isla del Coco's status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, renowned for its rich biodiversity. Through the intricate weave of its physical and political demarcations, the Mapa Fisico-Politico 1:500.000 Costa Rica Edicion Provisional 1966 stands as a historic document capturing Costa Rica's mid-20th-century complexity and dynamism.