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This stunning map, titled "Области распространения человеческих племён," illustrates the distribution of human tribes and groups around the world. Created by Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus and published in Leipzig around 1890, the map is written in Russian, which is unusual for maps of this subject and time period.

The map displays the locations of various human tribes and groups across the globe, with detailed illustrations and labels for each region. The map offers a unique perspective on the distribution of human populations, highlighting the different cultural and ethnic groups that existed during the late 19th century.

This map provides a valuable historical reference for understanding the global distribution of human populations, and it offers a fascinating glimpse into the cultural and ethnic diversity of the world at that time. Different colors and patterns are used to differentiate between various tribes and groups, making it visually engaging and easy to comprehend.

While the map is not without its inaccuracies and biases, reflective of the knowledge and attitudes of the late 19th century, it remains a valuable resource for historians, anthropologists, and anyone interested in understanding the perception of the diversity of human populations during that era. As a historical artifact, it offers a captivating insight into the evolving understanding of human geography and cultural diversity.

Condition Description
Hole below Australia. Some toning and pink mold in the upper left corner.