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This 1750 map "'t Land Kanaan benevens Gilead verdeelt onder de XII Stammen Israels" is a detailed cartographic representation of the Land of Canaan and Gilead as divided among the twelve tribes of Israel, a significant narrative in biblical history. The map was authored by Willem Albert Bachiene and published by Nicolaas Goetzee, demonstrating the contributions of Dutch geographers to the understanding of biblical territories.

Willem Albert Bachiene (1712-1783), the map's author, was a noted geographer based in Maastricht. His most notable work, "Heilige Geographie," focused on the geography of the Holy Land, reflecting a broader interest in the period to connect geographic knowledge with biblical narratives. This map embodies that endeavor, providing a detailed depiction of the biblical lands of Canaan and Gilead.

Jan van Jagen, a respected engraver of his time, painstakingly etched this map, contributing to its rich detail and precision. The territories of the twelve tribes of Israel, descendants of Jacob, are meticulously marked, illustrating the location and extent of each tribe's inheritance.

The publication of the map by Nicolaas Goetzee, the official city printer of Gorinchem, further reinforces the prominence of Dutch contributions to the study of biblical geography during the 18th century. Published as part of a Dutch Bible, this map served not only as a religious guide but also as a geographic reference, bridging the understanding of biblical narratives with their corresponding physical landscapes.

"'t Land Kanaan benevens Gilead verdeelt onder de XII Stammen Israels" thus stands as a significant artifact of biblical geography, illuminating the intersection of religious narrative, geographic scholarship, and cartographic artistry in the 18th-century Dutch context.

Condition Description
Two streaks of toning across the map.