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Fascinating view of the Niagara Falls from what is now the United States side, engraved by Robert Hancock.

The images show a group of tourists with a Native American guide look on, with dark skinned laborers (likely Native American) on the far side of the falls, carrying large objects down the side of the river.

The full text in English and French reads:

The Waterfall of Niagara-This most surprizing Cataract of Nature is 137 feet high / & it's breadth about 360 Yards. The Island in the middle is about 420 Yards long, & 40 Yards broad, at it's lower End. The Water, / on it's approaching the said Island, becomes so rapid, as almost to exceed an Arrow in swiftness 'till it comes to the Fall; / where it reascends into the Air, foaming as white as Milk, & all in Motion like a boiling Cauldron: Its Noise may be / heard 15 Leagues off, & in Calm Weather, it's Vapours rise a great hight into the Air, & may be seen like thick smoak at 30 Miles distance.

La Cascade de Niagara-Cette Surprenante Chute d'Eau est haute de 137 Pieds, et large d'environ / 360 Verges L'Isle qui est dans le millieu a 420 Verges de Longueur, sur 40 de Largeur sur sa Fin. L'Eau, en approchant / la ditte Isle, devient si rapide, qu'elle L'emporte presque sur la Vivacite d'une Fleche, jusqu'a cequelle arive a sa Chute; / ou elle remonte bien haut dans lTAir avec une Ecume blanche, comnme du Lait, et toute en Mouvement comme une Chaudiere bouillante; / on peut en entendre le Bruit a 15 Lieues de distance, et dans un Tems calme ses Vapeur s'elevent fort dans l'Air, et paroipent comme / une Fumee Epaisse a 30 miles distance.

The image was issued by Robert Sayer in 1770 and again by Laurie & Whittle in 1794.

Condition Description
Old Color. Minor soiling.