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Chicago Fair Souvenir View of Chicago

Printed on silk, this colorful bandana was made for the 1893 World Columbian Expo in Chicago.

The bandana features a bird's eye view of the Chicago World's Fair, set within an oval window that is canted at forty-five degree angle against an American national flag with a square profile to match that of the bandana itself.

If the rows progressed logically beneath the image of the fair they would be 44 in number, which is appropriate for the period. Their configuration of 8-8-6-6-8-8 is especially unusual. Wyoming joined the Union as the 44th state July 10th, 1890. Many flag makers would have began to add a 44th star to their flags on or before that day, and the 44 star flag would have generally seen use until the addition of Utah in 1896.

Threads of History #722