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Soviet War Games Map of a Paper City.

An unusual and untraced map published by the General Staff of the Hungarian People's Army showing hypothetical engagements in a generic Eastern European community.

The map, published in 1959, shows the region around the town of "Szegvar," a generic village name with several real counterparts in Hungary and Slovakia, none of which match the geography shown. Further research on the other towns named reveals no real counterpart to any of them. Additionally, the geography shown is all too strange, with rivers possessing too many locks and lakes, especially for such a hilly area. The coordinate system would seem to place the area shown in the western Black Sea.

The battle lines show an advance from the northeast against a defending army in the southwest. Overprint lines are drawn, and these are supplemented by manuscript annotations in a Hungarian hand.

Condition Description
Folding map with overprint and crayon annotations.