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Detailed map of North America, immediately prior to Texan Independence, with western information based largely on the cartography of Alexander Von Humboldt and Lewis & Clark.

Texas is Coahuila and Texas. The Great American Desert is shown, with no signs of Jedidiah Smith's information. The two mythical Salt Lakes (Teguayo and Timpanagos) are still shown, along with the mythical rivers of California.

In the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, a number of early trading posts and militiary forts are noted, as well as Hudson Bay trading houses.

In the mid-continent, Ozark District, Osage District, Manda District and Sioux District are shown, along with an early naming of Oregon Territory and Wisconsin Territory. Huron District also appears.

A number of other Indian regions are named, with nice detail in the Canadian Rockies and Northwest, including the Hudson Bay Company trading posts. Alaska is controlled by Russia, with a relatively accurate coastal profile, but no informaton in the interior.

Condition Description
Several pencil marks may indicate early use, including San Francisco underlined.