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Interesting anti-war poster from the late Cold War era showing the locations of US military installations across the country, published by the War Resisters League.

The map shows over a thousand military bases across the country, including some of which the location cannot be determined from any map or atlas. The bases are differentiated according to army, nav, air force, and nuclear weapons facilities.

Below the map, text describes the state of armament in the country. The verso lists each of the bases in operation.

The War Resisters League and Opposition to Nuclear Violence

The demise of the Soviet Union has seen a plummet in public and government interest in nuclear technologies, with ambivalence common regarding these issues. While little has changed in terms of nuclear arsenals, the movement to denuclearize peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with demonstrations regularly attracting hundreds of thousands in the US. A June 1982 protest was one of the largest political demonstrations in the United States, with well over a million participants. These protests were fueled by participants who had grown up during the height of the Cold War and saw the continued expansion of nuclear weapons, particularly the NATO deployment of intermediate-range nuclear forces in Europe, as existential threats. The Three Mile Island incident, as previously described, served only to increase these fears and leverage this fear of nuclear weapons against nuclear energy.

The War Resisters League helped take the forefront of the anti-nuclear movement, adopting a position not only against nuclear weapons but also against nuclear power. The League had gained popularity during the Civil Rights and Vietnam War protests and used its influence to help start the mass-nuclear weapon protests of the era.