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Including Early Indian Villages

Early survey of the area which would become Fort Yuma and the junction of the Gila and Colorado Rivers, including the site of present Yuma, Arizona.

The map shows the crossing of the Colorado for the Old Emigrant Route and General Kearney's Route, a rope crossing and the lower crossing east of Santiago. Includes the boundary between the United States and Mexico, which was to be altered four years later with the Gadsdan Purchase.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the references to Capitan Anton, Capitan Pasqual, Capt. Anastasio and Santiago, Chief of the Yumas.  Drawn from Lieutenant Whipple's report to the Secretary of War, these are references to the primary chief of the Yumas (Santiago) and three lesser chiefs (Anton, Pasqual and Anastasio), with whom Whipple met on October 5, 1849, as part of a Grand Council "held in honor of [Whipple's] arrival.

Condition Description
Minor foxing.