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French Military Mapping of Piacenza Province - War of Austrian Succession

Fine hand-drawn map of the area south of the Po River and between the Trebbia River and the Torrente Nure (River), likely drawn in connection with the Battle of Piacenza, June 16, 1746.

The details of the map are quite exceptional and were likely drawn for military purposes, including a minute accounting of the roads, rivers and small settlements in the region. The course of the Po River is located, with a wash green north of Piacenza on the far side of the Po, illustrating its low marshy lands which are to this day largely rich farmlands.

Battle of Piacenza

The Battle of Piacenza was waged by the Franco-Spanish army against the Austrian army near Piacenza on June 16, 1746, and resulted in a victory for the Austrian forces, led by Prince Josef Wenzel.