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Interesting untitled map of the Holy Land from an 18th-century German school atlas.

The map is mostly in German though there is Hebrew used to describe the Mediterranean: "ים הגדול Das Grosse oder Mittellaen-Dische Meer"

The map shows topography, drainage, and the territorial boundaries of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, as well as places of historical interest.

Condition Description
Original hand-color.
Josef Ferdinand Klemm Biography

Josef Ferdinand Klemm was born on Christmas Day 1868 to an Austrian bookseller and publisher, Josef Klemm, and Johanna (née Fessl) Klemm. He was a skilled artist involved in painting, lithography, and image restoration. He specialized in educational murals for schools; these included cityscapes, bird’s-eye views, historical maps, and architectural and monumental plans.