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Chinese Christian Missionary Propaganda

Fascinating group of Women's Pray Pictures, published by the Religious Tract Society of Hankow & Shanghai in Hankou (now Wuhan), China

The translation is as follows:

Top: Pictures of Prayers for Women – Every Day Work Much, Pray Much

First row:
Prayer when sweeping the floor: Lord, please sweep away any impurities in my heart and make me one pure in heart.
Prayers when laundering: Lord, please wash my heart and I will be white as snow.
Prayers when opening the door: Lord, please open my heart and receive you in my heart.

Second row:
Prayer when fetching water: Lord, please give me the living water so I will never be thirsty.
Prayer when delivering mail: Lord, please let me go from faith to faith and in constant communion with you.
Prayer when fetching oil: Lord, please give me wisdom so I can be like the wise virgins who always have the oil in jars.

Third row:
Prayer when boiling water for tea: Lord, please send your spiritual fire to burn away the cold in my heart and always be zealous to serve you.
Prayer when watering plants: Lord, please send your spiritual rain to my heart and make the good seeds in my heart grow.
Prayer when lighting the lamp: Lord, please make my action good as light to share before man. May your true light shine in my heart.