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19th-century edition of the Pomponius Mela world map, showing a strange configuration of a world map with a large continent in the Southern Hemisphere.

The map shows Europe, Asia, and Africa in varying levels of exactness. The Black Sea opens directly onto the Mediterannean, while the Caspian has a purported flow into the great northern sea. At the equator is a "ocean that divides the two hemispheres," south of this is a Southern continent supposedly mentioned in the seventh book of the Aenid.

Pomponius Mela was the only global treatise on geography written in Classical Latin, which were mostly concurrent with the Greek writers of that date. Some features of the Mela geography were more accurate than those of the Greeks, but, Mela was less accurate when it came to mapping the Far East.

This map was published by Francesco Marmocchi in Florence in 1838.

Condition Description
Original hand-color. Binding tab at top.